Videos & Testimonials

  • Shawn Sim

    Shawn Sim

    I can say it works quite well with great compost results too. Compost are dry, not smelly and easy to store.

  • Esther Mah

    Esther Mah

    Have been using this product for just a month. And result is great!! Plants increase growth and very healthy pest-free. Thank you Bio-Mate will continue use your product.

  • Chua Jean

    Chua Jean

    This pot of mulberry has really nice and lush leaves after I use Bio-Mate and there are lots of red buds, hopefully, I will get some mulberries soon. Thank you, Bio-Mate

  • Chua Jean

    Chua Jean

    This pot of chili padi was on the verge of dying. I cut back and trimmed all the leaves, added Bio-Mate, and was surprised to see 2 fresh chili padi this morning. There are more flowers which mean I will get more chili padi.

  • Diana Yeap

    Diana Yeap

    My orchid is blooming really well after using Bio-Mate product

  • Esther Mah

    Esther Mah

    Have been using this product for more than a month, leaves are much greener, flowers double bloom. Thank you Bio-Mate..

  • Kiki, Selangor

    Kiki, Selangor

    There is no progress for my orchid after planting for 1 year. However the flower started to bloom right after I applied the super fertiliser - Bio-Mate Natural Fertiliser.

  • Karyee Yap

    Karyee Yap

    After using Bio-Mate fertiliser. Look how beautiful my orchids. Will continue to use their product and highly recommend !!!

  • Vvien, Selangor

    Vvien, Selangor

    I love gardening but I am not good in taking care of them. Ever since I use Bio-Mate Natural Fertiliser, flowers are starting to bloom... Very good!!

  • Shayne Lee

    Shayne Lee

    I have finished the Bio-Mate Immunity Booster. It helped to revive my butterfly pea flower plant. It was almost botak infested by parasites and now growing nicely.

  • Kerstin McGuire

    Kerstin McGuire

    Your cleaner is very good! I love it! Now got 10 already will be some time before I buy again.

  • Lee Ming Xian

    Lee Ming Xian

    My grandma is very happy with the result of her plants after using Bio-Mate Fertiliser and Immunity Booster....Thank you Bio-Mate!