About Us

Food Wastage in Malaysia

Malaysians waste up to 8 million kilogrammes of food a day; an amount which can feed 6 million people (The Sun Daily - 17 September 2014). Figures from the UN Environment Programme show that food loss and waste, when not treated properly, is responsible for affecting:

landfill volume

fresh water



greenhouse gas emissions

Food waste has a damaging effect on the environment and contributes to the increasing need for landfills. When disposed of in landfills, food waste decompose and produce methane, a critical greenhouse gas which is 21 times more potent than CO2, causing global warming.

Reflecting on the growing seriousness of environmental problems, there is an urgent need to develop alternative and variable methods of organic waste treatment solution as a counter measure. It is against this backdrop that Promise Earth (M) Sdn Bhd was established.

About the Company

Incorporated in 2008, Promise Earth (M) Sdn Bhd is a biotechnology company that specialises in organic waste treatment through fermentation and composting process. Our aim is to provide society with a better and effective technology to dispose organic waste without harming or polluting our Mother Earth.


Through technological collaboration with our business partner in Japan, we have successfully developed Bio-Mate ON-SITE, an advanced, highly efficient high-speed on-site recycling process which converts organic waste such as food waste, fish, meat, fruits and vegetables into natural/organic fertiliser, compost, soil conditioner or animal feed within 24-48 hours using aerobic high-temperature microbial enzymes (Inozyme) technology. 

The Company’s slogan ‘For Mother Earth’ is in line with our continuing effort and commitment in contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.


Our Belief

We sincerely believe that fermentation technology can help to reduce greenhouse emission (GHG) and return our high value ingredients end product to Mother Earth.

Our Vision

To create a high value-added natural/organic farming for the production of natural end products at affordable prices, for the citizens of Malaysia.


Our Mission

For the Industry

To manufacture and market specialty feed appetiser/ingredients for animal farming and natural/organic fertilisers for the agricultural industry, made from by-product of the food industry.  

For Mother Earth

To meet the ever-changing nutritional and environmental needs of Mother Earth. Create a solution for waste disposal without harming or polluting the environment.

For Our Partners

To create value for feed and agricultural industry partners through fermentation technology, research-proven products, processing solutions and comprehensive services.