Bio-Mate Natural Fertiliser FarmSol (25kg)

Bio-Mate Natural Fertiliser FarmSol (25kg)

Suitable for vegetables, leafy trees and herbs

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Product Description

Bio-Mate Natural Fertiliser FarmSol is a natural/organic fertiliser derived from the fermentation process of chicken, fish and soya bean meal product. FarmSol is fermented at 70 – 90°C for a period of one to two days and it is free from pathogenic substances. FarmSol is also safe and hygienic for both animals and plants.


NPK + Trace Elements ≥ 15%   |   Amino acids > 30%
Organic matter ≥ 75%    |   pH 6 -7   |   Moisture < 10%
Suitable for vegetables/leafy trees and herbs


  • Non-scorching
  • Can be used for all stages of crop production
  • Suitable under all weather conditions
  • Balanced & complete NPK & trace elements
  • Excellent water retention capabilit
  • Enhances soil structure, humid acid contents 
  • Increases aeration and microbial activities in the soil
  • Free from pathogen and E.Coli
  • Ensures nutrients are distributed evenly in powder form


NOTE: The presence of grain beetles (commonly found in uncooked rice) after application is absolutely harmless. They do not bite and do not attack plants. The beetles are attracted to Bio-Mate fertilisers because:

  1. Rice bran is added to our fertilisers during the fermentation process
  2. Our products are natural and chemical-free
  3. The fertilisers have a fragrant aroma