Bio-Ferm Feed Appetiser (25kg)

Bio-Ferm Feed Appetiser (25kg)

Suitable for poultry and fish.

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Product Description

Bio-Ferm Feed Appetiser is a nutrient-rich feed ingredient derived through aerobic fermentation process of food off-cuts or reclaimed food such as fruits, vegetables, meat & seafood. It is particularly suitable for poultry and fish.

Agricultural Sources

Food Industry

Kitchen Disposal

Marine Products

Organic Refuse


High Protein Level

It has a high crude protein level ranging from 20 - 35% with high pepsin digestibility and lactic acid bacteria that are beneficial to animal's digestive system.

Easy Absorption

Bio-Ferm Feed Appetiser features carbohydrates, lipids and proteins in molecular form that can be easily absorbed into the body system of animals. 


In a collaborative study with Universiti Putra Malaysia, it has been proven that Bio-Ferm Feed Appetiser is cost-effective and has good growth performance on broilers.