Bio-Mate Natural Plant Immunity Booster (refill)

Bio-Mate Natural Plant Immunity Booster (refill)

Concentrated solution in refill packs

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Product Description

Bio-Mate Natural Plant Immunity Booster is an eco-friendly product that improves the resistance of plants against pathogens, diseases and pests. This by-product of the fermentation process is in liquid form.




  • Strengthens plant immunity system
  • Increases plant photosynthesis
  • Stimulates nutrient uptake
  • Enhances plant and crop growth
  • Increases crop yield
  • Increases germination, sprouting and seed vitality

Directions to Use

  1. Refill pack contains 3 concentrate bottles of 20ml each. Dilute each bottle in 500ml of water before use.
  2. Spray on the leaves, stem, soil and crop for effective results
  3. Use once every 2-3 days

Storage Instructions

  • Keep in room temperature
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight
  • For external usage only
  • Keep out of the reach of children