Bio-Mate Natural Fertiliser

Bio-Mate Natural Fertiliser

Suitable for vegetables, flowers and fruiting trees

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Product Description

Bio-Mate Natural General Fertiliser is a natural/organic fertiliser derived from the fermentation process of reclaimed food such as chicken, fish and other marine products. It is suitable for flowers, chilies, brinjal, okra, and bitter gourd as well as seed and fruit plants during the initial stage.


NPK + Trace Elements ≥ 18%
Amino Acids, Organic Matter, Humic Acids, Magnesium
Suitable for vegetables/leafy trees, flowers and fruiting trees



  • Eco-friendly; made from organic matters & chemical-free 
  • Balanced and essential nutrients
  • Increases yield production and quality of produce
  • Stimulates plant growth
  • Strengthens plant immunity system & resistance against pathogens, diseases and pests
  • Improves soil condition and water retention
  • Balances air to water ratio in the soil
  • Provides a buffer against soil acidification
  • Increases Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)
  • Increases ability to retain essential nutrients


NOTE: The presence of grain beetles (commonly found in uncooked rice) after application is absolutely harmless. They do not bite and do not attack plants. The beetles are attracted to Bio-Mate fertilisers because:

  1. Rice bran is added to our fertilisers during the fermentation process
  2. Our products are natural and chemical-free
  3. The fertilisers have a fragrant aroma