Bio-Mate Fermented Fish Amino (1L)

Bio-Mate Fermented Fish Amino (1L)

Suitable for foliar growth

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Product Description

Bio-Mate Fermented Fish Amino is produced through low temperature fermentation which allows to preserve temperature-sensitive nutrients, enzymes and hormones. It contains beneficial microbes and essential nutrients needed for plants. It can be used for foliar or ground application.


Contains amino acid
Contains macro & micro elements
Contains beneficial microorganisms


  • Acts as plant growth stimulant
  • Improves plant immunity
  • Rejuvenate soil microflora through addition of amino acid and organic matter

Directions to Use

  1. Spray on the leaves, stem, soil and crop for effective results
  2. Recommended Application Rate
    • Dilution of 1:500 for foliar
    • Dilution of 1:200 for soil application