Bio-Mate Natural Fertiliser Mineral-K (2kg)

Bio-Mate Natural Fertiliser Mineral-K (2kg)

Suitable for fruit trees

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Product Description

Bio-Mate Fertiliser Mineral-K is a fertiliser which contains high amount of Potassium. It is specially designed for fruit trees. The high amount of Potassium can improve the quality of crops and promote healthy root system. The high content of Sulphur plays the same role as Potassium, it can help to improve yield and quality of crops. It can be applied during flowering stage or throughout the fruiting season.


K2O (Potassium) : 22%
MgO (Magnesium) : 18 %
S (Sulphur) : 22%
Chloride : 1.5%
Moisture < 0.5 %


  • Naturally mined mineral
  • Safe to use, no harm to the environment
  • Improve quality of crops
  • Increase yield

Directions to Use

Step 1: Loosen soil & set aside
Step 2: Apply Bio-Mate Natural Fertiliser Mineral-K around the plant, away from stem
Step 3: Cover fertiliser with soil from step 1 and water daily
Step 4: Spray Immunity Booster on plant and soil once every 2-3 days

* Bio-Mate Natural Fertiliser Mineral-K can be applied once every 2-3 weeks