Bio-Mate Natural Fertiliser Feather Meal (500g)

Bio-Mate Natural Fertiliser Feather Meal (500g)

Suitable for leafy trees

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Product Description

Bio-Mate Fertiliser Feather Meal is a natural based fertiliser derived from the fermentation process of chicken feather. The high content of nitrogen is especially for maintaining green pigments in plants, which means the leaves will look green and healthy. It can be applied at seedling stage or after harvesting.


N (Nitrogen) : 11-13%
P2O5 (Phosphorous) : 1-2%
K2O (Potassium) : 1-2%
Organic Matter ≥ 75 %
Moisture < 10 %
Contain Beneficial Microbes


  • Contains beneficial microbes 
  • Improves soil structure 
  • Natural based fertiliser, will not harm the environment

Directions to Use

Step 1: Loosen soil & set aside
Step 2: Apply Bio-Mate Natural Fertiliser Feather Meal around the plant, away from stem
Step 3: Cover fertiliser with soil from step 1 and water daily
Step 4: Spray Immunity Booster on plant and soil once every 2-3 days

* Bio-Mate Natural Fertiliser Feather Meal can be applied once every 2-3 weeks


NOTE: The presence of grain beetles (commonly found in uncooked rice) after application is absolutely harmless. They do not bite and do not attack plants. The beetles are attracted to Bio-Mate fertilisers because:

  1. Rice bran is added to our fertilisers during the fermentation process
  2. Our products are natural and chemical-free
  3. The fertilisers have a fragrant aroma